Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cotton Ecru Plain Hem Rose Stencil Craftsman Pull

The Ecru Cloth with the Rose Stencil adds additional warmth to the stained woodwork in this Midwest home.

Cotton Ecru Scallop Hem Ecru Fringe Ecru Tassel

The Cotton Ecru Scalloped Shades are part of The Koza House in Iowa City, Iowa.

All of the scalloped shades we craft are finished on both the front and the back of the scallop.

Three Leaf Stencil Cotton Cream Craftsman Pulls

The Three leaf Stencil works well on these narrow
long shades. The Shade cloth that our client chose
is Cotton Cream. The Cotton Cream also adds a nice
contrast to the darker Harvest wall color.

Cotton Ecru Plain Hem Craftsman Pull

The Shade Cloth Is Cotton Ecru. The client chose the Antique Finish
Craftsman Pulls. The Ecru Shade Cloth filters the light, and provides privacy. The linen curtains complete the treatment by both complementing the cloth and adding soft texture. Simple and Beautiful.

Cotton Cream Plain Hem Rose Stencil Craftsman Pull

The Cotton Cream Plain Hemmed Shades with the Rose
Stencil complete this beautiful quaint kitchen. The ready made linen curtains provides additional texture.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Solid Brass Craftsman Shade Pulls

The pulls are available in an Antique Patina, and a burnished Patina. The Antique Patina is on the left and the Burnished Patina is on the Right. These Craftsman Shade Pulls are a perfect compliment to your shades: 8.50 each