Thursday, June 30, 2016


Cotton Cream  Bungalow Scallop  Cream Braid

Pictures of new shades are attached. Really pleased with them. My house is old and. Cottage style, so not sure they are worthy of your site, but I wanted to follow through on your request.
My best,
Jeanne Clark
Thank you for the wonderful photo Jeanne..Chase did a perfect job measuring...he will be present with you when the light streams through the  cotton cloth reminding you of his perfection.. Peace be with you
Kind Regards,

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Cotton Ecru  Rose Frieze Craftsman Pull


Hi Linda,

Shade arrived last week and I absolutely love it.  It is not only helping with the hot sun, but adds a nice, decorative touch to my kitchen .  Perfect!
Thank you so much!
Cotton Cream Mid Century Stencil Craftsman Pull

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Dear Linda,

I wanted to share some pictures of your shades in our Craftsman home in Claremont, CA.  We absolutely love them, and have received many compliments!  Thank you again for the excellent customer service.Please feel free to share the pictures on your blog.  We will definitely be ordering more shades when we remodel the front of the house.-Marissa

Cotton BONE  Rose Border  Pewter Pull


"Thank you..thank you...I love the contrast of the ecru Cloth against the white trim..this project could not have turned out more perfect" -Betsy

Cotton Ecru Bungalow Scallop  Ecru Fringe Ecru Tassel

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


"The first shade up...I love it! Ready to order these for the rest of my windows..could not be happier..thank you for all your help and wonderful product"-Sevan

Cotton ECRU  Bungalow Scallop Ecru Fringe Ecru Tassel


"we love our shades...thought  you might like to see them up..they are perfect. Great craftsmanship and wonderful customer service..and crafted in the USA..we will recommend you to all of our friends!"-Andrew

 Cotton Cream  Rose Frieze Craftsman Pull


Thursday, June 9, 2016


Cotton White  Plain Straight Hem Acorn Border Craftsman Pull


Cotton ECRU  Plain Straight Hem  Pine Frieze  Craftsman Pull