Sunday, January 8, 2017


Cotton Ecru Bungalow Scallop Ecru Fringe


Cotton Ecru  Cottage Stencil ( custom color ) Craftsman  Pull


Cotton Ecru  Straight Hem  Ecru Tassel


HI Linda and company,
Apologies for taking so long to send these photos of our fabulous shades. I cannot tell you how happy we are with them. Every single person who comes into our home-friends, family, workers, dreaded solicitors, etc. gasp and exclaim how beautiful they are (even our friends who only like modern things.) The colors change throughout the day starting with a warm golden glow in the morning (my favorite time.) The colors fit in so perfectly with our stained glass windows (original) and an Arts and Crafts lamp we have also. The stenciling is done so well. I know how hard it is to stencil well so hats off to you.
Thank you so much for all your patient and kind help. From our first conversation to installation, you were wonderful and helped keep my marriage together! You combine talent, professionalism, artistry and a sense of humor to produce these beautiful shades and it is appreciated.
My photos do not do them justice. If you would like,please feel free to use them on your gallery.
Thank you again.

Cotton Cream Ginkgo Frieze Craftsman Pull


Thank you so much for your wonderful product. We love our new shades & just wanted to send you a picture. The installation was easy & the quality is great. Thanks again!

Cotton Ecru Bungalow Scallop Craftsman Pull Antique Finish